Tips on How to Sell Any Car in Dubai at the Best Price!

On average, people in Dubai change their vehicle every 5.2 years. As a result, almost everyone is forced to sell their car at some point. Sometimes long and complex, the sale of a car is not something you can just improvise. Here is the procedure to follow to Sell Your Car in Dubai quickly.

What is the price of a used car?

The sale price of a used car will vary according to several criteria: the brand and model of the vehicle, the version (or finish), the mileage, the options, but also and especially the general condition of the vehicle at the moment of sales. In addition, the selling price will not be the same depending on whether you sell your car to an individual or a car trading agency.

Sell your car in Dubai to a garage or car trading agency

The takeover of a used car by a garage or car trader is very convenient: your car is sold very quickly, and you can focus on buying your new car immediately. The downside is that you will not get the same price as if you had sold it to an individual: the trader will make sure he can resell your vehicle. He will therefore make you a proposal below the normal evaluation price. Selling your car to a garage or a recovery professional therefore has its advantages (speed, safety) but also a disadvantage (lower selling price than a sale to an individual) but you can Sell Any Car in Dubai to these car traders since they have high demand.

Two benchmarks must be taken into account when determining the price of a car in the case you want to sell a car in Dubai: the Argus rating and the market price, which is the price at which vehicles similar to yours are sold. To determine the market price of a used car, you just need to research how much your car sells on the best online ads sites. Some sites’ rating also gives a fairly accurate idea of the value of your car on the used market, since it is calculated on the last similar sales. You must have the same logic when you buy a car: make sure it sells well with regards to the market demand! This will prevent you from losing too much money upon resale. Prefer neutral colours like black, white and gray variants: this is a plus for resale.

Technical inspection: compulsory!

Before you sell any car in Dubai, make sure that the last technical inspection is less than 6 months: it is mandatory for a sale to a particular (unlike a sale to a car agency, only the case where one can sell his car without technical control). If the technical control is out of date, use online comparators to find technical inspection agencies at the lowest price around you.


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